Thinking on Different Levels


Designer Homes Brisbane

02 Oct 2015

The sloping lot is now being embraced as an opportunity to create unique, split level living with multi view panoramas.

Thinking different levels main

By its nature alone, each sloping lot is unique with therefore an opportunity to create a truly individual, multi level home along the natural lines of the terrain.

Guy Kits from DesignBuild Homes says building a multi level home on a sloping lot works very well with today’s modern lifestyle. “Indoor/outdoor living is becoming increasingly popular, and split levels creates more opportunity for multiple verandahs with views. Distinct zones can also be created easily across multi level living, and if the home is on a narrow lot, the varying levels can create privacy from close neighbours,” says Guy.

Thinking different levels secondary

Building on sloping lots today is much more economical and viable as DesignBuild Homes, where possible, work around the natural fall of the land, rather than cutting into it. The design works in harmony with the land, and creates a more natural flow in design. “In very sharply falling sites, we use the space close to the terrain for media rooms, wine cellars and laundries, and face the living spaces to the outlook to capture the views, natural light and breezes. There’s much more opportunity for interesting design when you’re working across multiple levels,” says Guy. “The increased living space and views can also add to the value of the property.”

DesignBuild Homes has long recognised the value of the sloping lot in creating unique designs, and specialise in creating homes on terrain that other builders turn away. They’ve won a number of awards for homes built on sloping lots, and say home owners should look at them with fresh eyes when it comes to design.

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