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A knockdown/rebuild can be a wise option for a new home or investor. Per square meter, a knockdown/rebuild is a more economical option than renovating. In some cases where a block is being subdivided, this may be the only option.

The process for a knockdown/rebuilt project starts long before anything is built. There is a complex myriad of applications and processes that need to be followed and if you’re not familiar with this, it can severely impact your timelines and budget.

DesignBuild Homes, as part of their unique ‘concept to completion’ approach, can assist with this, as their in-house team includes town planners.  Working in conjunction with the rest of the in-house team, they can plan the project to very specific schedule and cost to take the worry and wait out of this type of project.

Whether you’re knocking down an old home to build a new one or knocking down and subdividing to build multiple homes, DesignBuild Homes have extensive experience in this particular area of design and building.

Visit our gallery to view DesignBuild Homes’ previous knockdown/rebuild projects.

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