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Small or narrow lots are highly sought after in Brisbane, especially in the inner city areas. There are a number of types of small or narrow lots but generally they have a frontage of less than 15 metres and 450m2 or less in area.

The attraction of a small or narrow lot is their low maintenance and increasingly, their availability in developed areas. This creates the challenge of how to maximise space on a limited footprint without compromising on outdoor space or encroaching on the neighbours.

DesignBuild Homes have an extensive portfolio of designing and building on these lots, with award-winning designs praised for their feelings of space within the confines of a small footprint.

Our clients have included individuals, investors and developers with all types of small or narrow lots, including those yet to be developed. As part of our unique ‘concept to completion’ approach, DesignBuild Homes can manage all stages of the process, including subdivision and demolition.

Further, our stringent project management process, and full in-house team, mean your project is delivered on time and to budget.

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