Interior Decoration


Designer Homes Brisbane

Interior decorating adds that finishing touch to your home, complementing all the elements of building design and interior design together.

The selection of furniture, window furnishings, soft furnishings and artwork are all key fundamentals that not only make your home functional and practical to live in, but reflect your style and personality.

DesignBuild Homes’ interior designer can guide you through the process of selecting furniture and decoration that will suit your personal tastes and the theme of your home. They have access to an extensive range of local and international suppliers and keep constantly abreast of the latest trends and products.

During your consultation, our interior designer can lend a professional eye over the interior of your home as a whole, with suggestions and solutions that make your home cohesive while still staying within your budget. Our clients are always happy with the result, but genuinely surprised at how affordable our interior decoration service can be.

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