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The home that you create with the guidance of our interior designer is made up of a selection completely unique to you. DesignBuild Homes has partnerships with hundreds of quality local and overseas brand names, giving you an extensive choice of colours, materials, fixtures and finishes for your home.

During your colour consultation as you select everything for the interior and exterior of your home, our interior designer will be documenting every detail in the specification.

The specification is comprehensive and complete documentation of every single fixture, finish and colour that you have chosen for your home. Each item is recorded in specific detail including the brand name, supplier, product code, colour and material. This is marked up on your floor plan and elevations to clearly show exactly where all your selection is planned.


This specification is an integral part of your building journey and important part of our ‘concept to completion’ process. It ensures in minute detail that your selection is built seamlessly and exactly as you planned. The specification will also be invaluable to assist you in decorating and choosing furniture and in the future, matching colours or fixtures for renovations or extensions.

The specification comes as standard for all DesignBuild Homes clients, however if you are already have your design or are a developer, we can assist you with this essential documentation. You can use this to obtain accurate quotes from suppliers and trades.

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